2013 Holiday Foodie Gift Guide


The holiday season is upon us (I mean seriously, there’s only one month and a few days till Santa visits!) and there are so many fun gifts that you can get for the foodie in your life! I’ve compiled a list of 12 fun holiday gift ideas ranging in size and price for your shopping list!  In no particular order, they are….

12.  A ‘Cheese of the Month Club’ Membership


Okay so I said in no particular order but lets be honest here – this is probably going to be the best gift on this list!  Who wouldn’t want to have delicious, surprise cheeses from around the world show up at their door every month?!  Amazing!  Now there are numerous cheese of the month clubs you can choose from and they can be a bit pricey, but if your pallet extends beyond cheddar and mozzarella, it will be worth the money.

The top two Cheese of the Month clubs I could find were the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club and Dean & Deluca’s Cheese of the Month Club.  Each offer to ship your cheese’s once a month vary in price from approximately $100 up to over $500, depending on the frequency of your shipment.

11.  Hero Bags Two Bottle Wine Carrier Tote


What’s a cheese of the month club membership without a little wine to go with it?!  Hero Bags makes a two-bottle wine carrier tote bag for all of your wine carrying logistics because anyone that has ever attempted to bring more than one bottle of wine with them knows how annoying all that clanking around of the bottles can be!  Whether you’re going to a dinner party or bringing your lifeline to get through the holidays, this wine tote fun and inexpensive gift for the wine lover in your life!

10.  The Fast Slow Cooker


Yes, you read that right.  This is a fast slow cooker – a 2-in-1 pressure AND slow cooker!  Fully programmable with safety features, this cooker allows you to steam and saute meat and vegetables in minutes, or let meals cook all through the day – completely worth the $179.99 price tag!  Visit Breville for all the details!

9. Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine


Are you a coffee connoisseur AND you support farmers and local business?  If so, the world’s first roast, grind and brew coffee maker may be the gift you’re looking for.  Starting as a Kickstarter project, Bonaverde Coffee Changers has more than doubled their campaign goal and will allow coffee lovers to take their experience to the next level!  Click here to learn more on their Kickstarter page!

8. Kitchen Sign Wall Art


Your living room and bedroom walls don’t have to be the only place in your home that can display fun art and design!  These fun wooden wall signs from ExpressionsWallArt are 100% hand painted and affordable!

7. Custom Jar and Canister Labels


Looking for more ways to make your kitchen unique and fun?  The Mustard See Dream Etsy shop lets you customize labels for all of your jars and canisters!  Easy, affordable and fun!

6. OXO Corn Stripper


If you love corn as much as I do than you know that corn on the cob is best!  Those of us living in Iowa are lucky enough to see farmer’s on various corners selling their fresh sweet corn every year, but did you know that sweet corn doesn’t have to be ate on the cob?  Sometimes it’s just messy.  Sometimes you want to add the corn as an ingredient.  And cutting it can be a pain.  The OXO Corn Stripper lets you easily strip the corn from the cob and keeps it all together in an attached cup!  Super affordable and easy-to-use!

5. Thai Granite Mortar & Pestles


I know I know – you’re wondering what this.  The adventurous cook and foodie in your life will know AND appreciate this Thai Granite Mortar & Pestle!  Ditch the food processor and blender and get back to the roots of grinding up sauces and pastes by using what a true Thai cook would use to mix flavors – the mortar and pestle.

4. Spanish Suitcase


If the adventurous foodie in your life doesn’t like the cooking aspect as much as the eating aspect, then the Spanish Suitcase is a fun gift you can give to bring the flavors of Spain to them!  From chocolate themed to seafood to snack themed, Spanish Suitcase’s range in price and contents so you can surprise the foodie in your life!

3. Roll-On Olive Oil Dispenser


The Oil-On is still in the concept phase but long story short allows you to avoid soggy bread and put your olive oil on your bread smoothly and evenly!  It’s a fun little gift that you can give the foodie and gadget lover in your life!

2. Breville HealthSmart Steamer


The HealthSmart Steamer by Breville features three trays allow you to cook multiple meals or side dishes at once!  The trays can be adjusted for size and feature six indents to make hard-boiled eggs.

1. Hot Chocolate on a Stick


Warm up a cup of milk and then break out your Belgian Chocolate on a stick!  Swirl it in your milk to create your own homemade hot chocolate!  This was featured as one of Oprah’s favorite gifts of 2009, and we all know that Oprah knows how to pick good gifts!